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SHANGHAI HAIHUI OPTIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, founded in 1997, is a leading manufacturer of HFC system equipment with strong R&D capability in this field, specializing in producing and selling of optical communication instruments.What distinguishes our company from the peers is that the whole technology from designing, processing and manufacturing to passivating treatment of the shell are all completed by our own company. The die casted aluminum outdoor housing adopts the international advanced passivating process and the double-layer waterproof craft, so the unit is not only anti-corrosive and anti-aging, but also, dissipates heat very well and has a good performance in water proofing and anti-electro magnetization. We have passed the examination of SARFT and obtained the certificate of Network Access for Broadcast Equipment. So far we already have three senior national-class engineers. In Shanghai we also take full advantage of the science & technology, and human resources to the R& D of the new products.

Our latest products include 870-S numerical control Optic receiver, 870-2 to-the-building Optic Receiver, 1550 Fiber Optical Transmitter, 1310 Fiber Optical Transmitter, Return Fiber Optical Transmitter, Four-way Fiber Optical Workstation, Fiber Optical Receiver, Return optical Receiver, Indoor Fiber Optical Receiver, Optical Nodes, AGC Mini-Bridger Amplifier , Two-way Amplifier and 1550 EDFA, etc. The equipments produced by our company follow the standards of multiple signal sources and US HP (AnJieLun) Co. 8591C 、8753B & 8711. In addition,our company adopt the imported components.

Specially, our subsidiary company WENZHOU HUIGUANG OPTIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has established strategic cooperation with NXP company which founded by Philips in 2008. It ensures our products have more stable quality and competitive price.

By experiencing seventeen-year development, we have accumulated rich technical experience and market resources. Gradually, we have obtained our own specific superiority. Now we have standard, systemic sales policy and perfect after-sales service system. Our sales network covers the whole country. Especially, we build the perfect sales channels in the CATV equipment industry. Simultaneously, Our cable TV products has entered the international market since 2001. We are making big progress in the overseas markets, and our products become more and more popular in Russia, U.S. and European countries.

The core spirit of the company is: “SPECIALTY, HONESTY and INNOVATION, and our goal is providing the best equipment and service with most competitive price. Since the establishment of our company, we have built up a good reputation in this field. We are in pursuit of helping the customers to meet their desire in the CATV industry. In order to achieve the first-class high quality HFC network as well , we try our best to pursue technicalization, standardization and internationalization of the modernized enterprise in the CATV equipment industry. We expect for your attention and cooperation.