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    1. HHTX-1310 External Modulation catv Optic TransmitterCharacteristics
      ☆Operating wavelength 1310nm, Have AGC/MGC adjust level function
      ☆The bandwidth 45-860 MHz,  transmit 59 the PAL-D channel of TV singal and digital modulation signal
      ☆Use AGC、APC、ATC circuit, guaranteed the modulation level & output optical power’s stability
      ☆RS232 industrial standard status monitor connection
      ☆High quality reliable switching power supply,may work in the 110~265VAC electrical network.
    1. HHTX-1550nm External Modulationcatv Optic TransmitterHigh index:Original system optimized control technology, offers excellent CNR, CTB, CSO & SBS index.
      Flexibility:Original SBS critical value 13, 16, 18 adjustable at spot, it can fit for different network.
      Reliability:Inside double power supplies, switch automatically. Machine case temperature control automatically.
      High quality:Intuitionistic Optic Modulation Intensity(OMI)display.